The Knowledge Economy is now ill-advised!
  • The economy is largely based on the creation, transfer and application of knowledge.
  • Knowledge is information and skills acquired through education (a) or experience (b).
  • Skills are acquired through repeated performance of appropriate specific processes (c).
  • Information is created through processing and analysis of data (d).
  • The process and data needs of organisations and individuals are identified and
    documented using systems analysis skills (e).
  • Process and data needs are codified using digital systems design skills (f).
  • Therefore systems analysis and design are two of the key skills needed in a digital
    technology driven knowledge economy, and
  • Much needed growth in the economy is now impaired by shortages, lack of standards,  
    and inefficiencies in these key skills.
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How to respond?
  • Simplify and standardise digital systems analysis and design to remove inefficiencies
    and lack of standards in these key skills.
  • Provide in-depth knowledge of these skills in plain English to as many businesses as
    possible throughout the whole economy.
  • Do not confuse software coding with broader digital systems design.
  • Evolution is preferable to revolution.
  • No one business sector should have a monopoly on these key skills.
  • Like the tide, economic growth should lift all sound boats rather than just a lucky few.
The Response:
  • Analigner® is a world-class methodology in plain English that simplifies and
    standardises digital systems analysis and design through application and significant
    extension of industry best practices and standards.
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